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By fireball | May 14, 2014

Agnes Menadelook and Marcia Soolook

Congratulations to our graduating seniors, Agnes Menadelook and Marcia Soolook!

We had our graduation ceremony on Tuesday night, May 13.

Our school year ends on Friday, May 16.

With a little luck, we may get a few more pictures up here from the Spring Semester which is now coming to an end.

Have a great summer everyone!

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BSSD banners up in the new gym

By fireball | January 21, 2014


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Student-Parent Conferences, 1-17-14

By fireball | January 14, 2014

Diomede School will have short conferences with parents and students on the afternoon of Friday, January 17. Teachers will go over student progress and final report cards from the fall semester. Click HERE for the meeting schedule.

Diomede village on Friday afternoon, 1-10-14.

Diomede on Friday, January 10, 2014

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Spring Semester Underway!

By fireball | January 14, 2014

After waiting for the weather to clear last week, the Diomede teachers finally got back to the island on Friday. We started the school semester at about noon on January 10, and we are now in the middle of our first full week of 2014!

Here is the view of the Diomede Islands from the school in Wales… after the weather finally cleared up on Friday morning.

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Fall attendance incentive winners!

By fireball | December 17, 2013

Good job and congratulations to all the Diomede Students with perfect attendance in the 2nd quarter, October 21 – December 17.
Raleigh Ahkinga
Jason Ozenna
Dallas Soolook
Faith Ozenna
Heather Ozenna
Rene Ozenna
Melton Ozenna
Ronald Ozenna III
Mackenzie Ahkvaluk
Gene Soolook

By random drawing from all these names, Mackenzie was the big winner of a 50″ flatscreen TV and blu-ray player.

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Halloween 2013!

By fireball | November 1, 2013

Who are these people?

The staff and a few students after school on October 31

Thanks to former students for keeping in touch with us! We miss you, too! A big hello to Dana Slwooko, Timothy Milligrock, Savanna and MJ Kayouktuk, Jewels Iyapana, Alice Douglas, and Leticia Milligrock!

And Felicia Ahkvaluk just wrote a comment below… Hi, Fee!

We’ll be putting up some new pictures and words from the first 10 weeks of the school year…

Stay tuned.

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Back to School!!!

By fireball | August 23, 2013

The Diomede School has postponed the first day of the fall semester due to travel delays for the staff.

We will be starting the school year on Monday, August 26 with breakfast at 8:30am and school starting at 9:00am.

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Congratulations DIOMEDE CLASS OF 2013 !

By fireball | May 16, 2013

The Diomede School celebrated the graduation of our two seniors on Thursday night, May 16. The school and community are very proud of Samantha Iyapana and Leticia Milligrock. It’s time to rock ‘n’ roll.

2013 graduation program

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Visiting artists

By fireball | April 30, 2013

We had three visiting artists last week.

Seth Kantner, writer and photographer from the Kotzebue/Kobuk area, worked with classes to produce some visual displays of words and images.

Seth Kantner outside the Diomede School, facing west across the ice runway to Ratmanov Island.

Seth Kantner outside the Diomede School, facing west across the ice runway to Ratmanov Island.


Also, the photography team of Matt and Agnes Hage dropped by to take portraits of students. They also took a series of community pictures to be framed and displayed in the school.


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The Geography Guy

By fireball | March 28, 2013

Neal Nichols spent 4 weeks on the island working on art and geography.

The geography guy goes to work in the cold hall.

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