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Holy Viral Media, Batman

By Mr. Rob | February 14, 2015

We made the news again!
KTUU: Three weeks, no flights
Alaska Dispatch News: Diomede approaches 3 weeks without food
Daily Mail: Cold? Spare a thought for the Alaskan island
KTVA: Sidelined Helicopter Disrupts Service to Diomede

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Valentines Dance

By Mr. Rob | February 14, 2015

Join us tonight at 7PM for a special Valentines dance. DJ Stephanie will spin some sick beats. The whole village is invited. Dress to impress for Mr. Rob will be taking portraits for the year book! So bring your honey on down to the school for some good fun.

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Science and Art Fair

By Mr. Rob | February 8, 2015

Diomede School will be hosting its annual Science and Art Fair on the 17th of this month. Make sure to drop by for refreshments, student generated science fair projects, and amazing art. I hope to see you there!

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Free Lunch!

By Mr. Rob | February 7, 2015

DSC00453It’s now been over three weeks since we’ve seen the last Evergreen chopper. People are running low on supplies and have not been able to receive their checks (via mail). Pam Potter, our lovely principal, talked with our administrators at the district office, and has gained permission to provide free lunch and dinner to anyone who wants it. Drop by the school around noon and five for two delicious, warm meals provided by our lovely Vera, JoAnn, and Andrea. Many thanks to Pam and our hard-working cooks!

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Black Hawk Part 2

By Mr. Rob | February 6, 2015

DSC00462Today we finally saw a chopper, although it was not our usual Evergreen helicopter. The National Guard flew in to save the day and medivac some folks back to Nome. Although they were only here for a short stint, bringing doctors and technicians to secure the patients, that marvelous machine and her crew left quite the impression. Thanks, National Guard!

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Fire at 20 Below

By Mr. Rob | January 26, 2015

DSC00350Yesterday around noon, there was a brown-out, then the power to the whole village was knocked out. Up at teacher housing, arcs of electricity were flying in the utility room and up where the power lines meet the meter box. The heat was so intense, that it caught the housing of the meter box on fire! Luckily two villagers and I jumped out and used a fire extinguisher to dispatch the flame before it could spread. Electricity was later permanently cut to the duplex, and the powers-that-be are determining whether to fix the building or condemn it.

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Alice Soolook Funeral

By Mr. Rob | January 22, 2015

Today we will be honoring and remembering the life of Alice Soolook. The funeral will begin around 3:00 PM in the school gymnasium. A feast will follow the service. Please join us in celebrating her time amongst us.

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Winter Storm Warning

By Mr. Rob | January 15, 2015

IMG_0478We are currently in the middle of a “Winter Storm Warning” that will persist until 9PM tomorrow night (Friday, January 16, 2015). On top of that, they have cut power to the village to repair a dangerous line. If you are currently without heat and power, please take refuge in the school. We are working on securing a cook for tonight as well. Stay safe, and keep an eye on those kids! I was just out and recorded gusts up by teacher housing at 40MPH! With our current temperature of 7 degrees, that’s around -18 with windchill. Keep warm, Diomede!

P.S. You can’t tell from the photo, but the sea ice was moving by at around 20MPH!

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100th Day!

By Mr. Rob | January 9, 2015

Diomede School celebrates the 100th day in the 2014-2015 school year!Diomede School celebrated the 100th day with students for the 2014-2015 school year! We read a book and donned some pretty swanky glasses built by our kindergartner and second graders. Pam even gave each student a cozy blue “Diomede Dateliners” hoodie to celebrate. May we have many more wonderful days on the island. 100 thanks to all who participated and helped.

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Emergency in Diomede!

By Mr. Rob | December 15, 2014

PC120011On Thursday, the National Guard sent a black hawk with emergency technician, Lee Hewitt, to repair Diomede’s power outage issues. Most of the village had taken shelter in the school by then, and were living in the gymnasium (many houses were without heat). As the black hawk touched down, a raging winter storm was setting in as the ocean was freezing. Needless to say, we made the news. Check out the full KTUU article here. We lost power again today, but things were quickly fixed. Some houses are still having issues with heat, and teacher housing has suffered from minor water damage due to bursting pipes. Lee Hewitt is still in town, racing about like a super-hero, fixing this and that. The district intends to send a maintenance person of their own, but the strong winds and poor conditions might delay that relief for some time yet.

Full KTUU Article
Full KNOM Article

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