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Diomede Webcam

By Mr. Rob | April 12, 2015

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 12.09.53 PMGood news, faithful readers! The Diomede School Webcam is now back online (many thanks to Michael and Frank for helping out) since the teacher housing fire in mid January. I am still in the process of running power and final adjustments/tweaks, so if you log on in the very near future, you might catch my mangy mug fiddling with the placement. We’re running on pretty archaic technology (we make due with what we can find here), so if your computer is having troubles accessing and manipulating the camera, try fiddling with your java permissions (located in System Preferences on Macs).

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Norton Sound Eye Clinic

By Mr. Rob | April 12, 2015

DSC01205Norton Sound Eye Clinic will be in Diomede from Monday, April 13, to Wednesday, April 15. Make sure to drop in and get your eyes checked! They are currently operating out of the Diomede School Library (upstairs by Michael’s classroom). Appointments can be made by phone or walk-in. Thanks to Robert and Henry for hauling all the heavy eye clinic equipment up to the school.

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Baxter Bible Church Visit

By Mr. Rob | April 10, 2015

Tomorrow (Saturday), April 11, Baxter Bible Church will be visiting Diomede to share prayer and gifts with our students and villagers (weather permitting). Please come to the school at 2:00 PM to visit with our guests. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

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Travel Channel in Diomede

By Mr. Rob | March 30, 2015

DSC01070Saturday a British group of filmmakers came through Diomede to finish a documentary started in Finland. They filmed in arctic lands all across the northern hemisphere and ended their work on Little Diomede. They will send us a DVD with the documentary in the fall upon its completion. Once again, our little island will be internationally featured.

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Polar Bear Exhibit

By Mr. Rob | March 24, 2015

The St. Louis Zoo would like our help on their new polar bear exhibit. They would love it if villagers and students alike could tackle some difficult questions. This is a great opportunity for you to get your voice heard on important issues such as subsistence and climate change. Please e-mail Rosey Robards with answers and pictures about the following 5 topics at rosey@alaskateenmedia.org.

1. What does it look like in Diomede? (sunrise, sunsets, buildings, weather, people)
2. What is the connection between people in Diomede and the polar bear? What ways do people express their connection with polar bears through art and culture? (crafts, art, dance, tools)
3. How is the climate changing and how does that impact people and polar bears? (sea ice, melting sea ice, hunting, boating, changes in landscape)
4. How much do people in the community depend on subsistence food and hunting? Why? (grocery, freezer, helicopter, bringing supplies in, hunting, weather)
5. Does anyone have any polar bear stories or photos that might be fun to share? What are people concerned about when it comes to climate, traditional way of life, and the polar bear? (photos of older images, or people showing these images and talking about history)

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Visiting Dentists

By Mr. Rob | March 24, 2015

dental-toolsWe have 3 visitors here this week in the school to work on our teeth. The dentists will be here to service both the students of the school, the villagers, and the teachers. Come by and visit them up in the gym to make an appointment.

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Spring Spirit

By Mr. Rob | March 20, 2015

BrainiacSpring is here and next week we’ll be having Spirit Week in honor of spring and our upcoming standardized test.
Mon, March 23: Bunny Ears
Tues, March 24: Bunny Whiskers
Wed, March 25: Bunny Tails
Thurs, March 26: Egg Heads
Fri, March 27: Brainiac Day!

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Aurora Borealis

By Mr. Rob | March 18, 2015

DSC00972Last night we had some epic aurora. I was out taking photographs from midnight to one in the morning and managed to capture some great images. If you would like a high resolution copy of some of the pictures, just drop me a line.

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Diomede Ski Team

By Mr. Rob | March 17, 2015

DSC01058Yesterday kicked off our first ski meet! You’ll see us out skiing on Mondays (Ronald, Kyra, Heather, Raleigh, and Damion), Wednesdays (Kenneth, Jacob, McKayla, Melton, and Dallas), and Fridays (Bubba, Kylie, Jennifer, and Destiny) for the next two months. We have two more openings (one on Wednesday, and one on Thursday). All students are welcome (even the little guys). Make sure your students have signed their permission slips and have appropriate outdoor attire (gloves, warm coat (with hood or hat), ski pants, and face mask/scarf are REQUIRED). Adults are welcome to attend as well. The ski coach (Mr. Rob) will be armed to ward off any polar bears in the area. Any student on the gym list will be unable to attend skiing that day. Also, a reminder that any damage done on purpose or due to negligence to the ski equipment will be repaired or replaced by the parent.

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The Deadliest Journey

By Mr. Rob | March 5, 2015

Adventurers from The Deadliest Journey visit Diomede School.On Tuesday, James and Mike from The Deadliest Jourey came to Diomede School to prepare for their crossing of the Bering Strait. Wednesday they tested their skis, dry suits/wet suits, and various other “kit.” This morning around 7AM they set out around the north end of the island to walk/kayak/swim to Wales. You can track them on this map and see amazing photos on their Facebook page (Bering Strait 2015). Here’s wishing them the best of luck! It was a special treat to house these world adventurers.

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