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Veterans Day

By Mr. Rob | November 12, 2014

veteransMany thanks to all those who participated in our 2014 Veterans Day celebration at the school. A very special thanks to all those veterans who came and were honored by our community. Thank you for protecting our country, serving our government, and sharing your stories with us at the celebration. And lastly (can you tell it’s getting towards Thanksgiving), thanks to whomever shot off the fireworks last night. It was a nice touch.

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November Dates to Remember

By Mr. Rob | November 7, 2014

Tuesday, November 11th: Veterans Day Celebration at 2:00 PM in the gym.
Please join us in honoring our brave veterans with song and dance.

Friday, November 21st: High Table for 7-12th Graders
Parent/Guardian lunch provided for free at 12:00 PM

Tuesday, November 25th: Count Your Blessings at 2:00 PM
Community Talk with Students

Thursday, November 27th: Thanksgiving Community Meal at 1:00 PM
Bring a dish to celebrate Diomede potluck style.

Thursday/Friday, November 27-28: No School (Holiday)

Fun Fact: November means the 9th month (novern is Latin for 9). So why it the 11th month of the year? Long ago (before Roman times), the year started on March. January and February were added later by the Romans, thus bumping the 9th month back to the 11th month. You can also see the Latin word for 10 in December (decem). Maybe we should change November to Elevenber, and December to Twelveber.

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Halloween Festivities

By Mr. Rob | October 31, 2014

PA300086Rec Hall 3:30 – 6:30
Join us at the Rec Hall for fun games, pinatas, candy, and much more! Bring your costumes!

Haunted House 6:30 – 9:00
This night only, our student-built haunted house! Come to the Gym for frights, scary stories, and candy! Bring your costumes (and maybe some diapers)!

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Raging Storm!

By Mr. Rob | October 28, 2014

Although not quite as bad as the storm of 2011 (see archives here), Sunday night (October 26, 2014) a storm broke across Diomede like a shotgun blast. Horizontal snow and furious winds whipped the waves into a frenzy. They were so ferocious and high that as they splashed up over the helicopter pad, the left football sized rocks as reminders of their force. Everyone is advised to stay in the village on the walkways and well away from the beach. Parents are to accompany their students to school every morning for safety.

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St. Louis Zoo in Diomede!

By Mr. Rob | October 20, 2014

2014-10-20 13.02.55Some zookeepers from the St. Louis Zoo (link here) came over 3000 miles to teach our kids about some unique animals. They came in on Monday and will leave Wednesday, weather permitting.

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Jessie and Theresa in Diomede!

By Mr. Rob | October 7, 2014

FridayThis week (October 6 to October 13) we have the distinct pleasure of hosting Jessie (district special education program facilitator) and Theresa (district technology support). While here, Theresa installed a security system in the school and updated all of our computers. She and Michael worked out many of our technical kinks, making our systems faster and more efficient while Theresa and Rob helped bring the weather web camera back up (so now Erickson Air can monitor the weather in Diomede remotely, and so can you from the link to the right). Jessie checked out students vision and hearing while she worked with the teachers on how to best help our students.

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Parent Teacher Conferences

By Mr. Rob | September 30, 2014

On October 22nd, we will be having parent teacher conferences at the school from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Please talk to your student’s teacher for more information.

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School’s Out – For – Ever! (okay… just the week).

By Mr. Rob | September 30, 2014

There will be no school Wednesday, October 1, Thursday, October 2, and Friday, October 3. School will resume as usual on Monday, October 6. Teachers will be attending trainings during these days, so while the kids get a vacation, the teachers will still be in school, working away. Enjoy the lovely weather (while yous till can) and the extended weekend!

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Diomede in the Nome Nugget!

By Mr. Rob | September 30, 2014

This month we made page 12 of the Nome Nugget, thanks to Ms. Pam Potter. Check it out HERE.

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Eskimo Dance Every Friday!

By Mr. Rob | September 27, 2014

eskimodanceCome and join us every Friday at 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM for Eskimo dancing up in the school gym. Our kids are all learning, and we’d love for you to come learn too. Already know how to Eskimo dance? Great! Come pass your knowledge on to the next generation of Eskimo dancers! Bring your drum and stick if you have them. All ages participate. We hope to see you there!

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