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Diomede in the Nome Nugget!

By Mr. Rob | September 30, 2014

This month we made page 12 of the Nome Nugget, thanks to Ms. Pam Potter. Check it out HERE.

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Eskimo Dance Every Friday!

By Mr. Rob | September 27, 2014

eskimodanceCome and join us every Friday at 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM for Eskimo dancing up in the school gym. Our kids are all learning, and we’d love for you to come learn too. Already know how to Eskimo dance? Great! Come pass your knowledge on to the next generation of Eskimo dancers! Bring your drum and stick if you have them. All ages participate. We hope to see you there!

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It’s Friday Night, and the Beads are Right!

By Mr. Rob | September 26, 2014

IMG_2457That’s right! Every Friday night at 6PM, the school will be hosting Culture Crafts in the cafeteria. Vera kicked off the first craft night tonight (Friday, September 26) with beading and mini-loom weaving. We had a magnificent turn-out. If you are interested in attending, helping out, or maybe even teaching one of your cultural crafts, talk to the lovely Ms. Vera. Also, thanks to those of you that helped out tonight.

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Robin Child: Art Super-Hero

By Mr. Rob | September 24, 2014

IMG_2261From September 16th to September 23, we had the distinct pleasure of hosting Robin Child in our village. She played music with the students, tooled metal foil, and whipped up an amazing whole-school art project. She also came bearing gifts! We now have a photo studio to take pictures of local arts and crafts that anyone might want to sell online. It’s free to use. Just talk to Rob Michaud ( to set up a time. Come see our school art project hanging in the hall between the elementary wing and the gym. It’s spectacular and the students are so proud!

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Special Visit from Mr. Rob’s Mum

By Mr. Rob | September 24, 2014

IMG_2364On Tuesday, September 16th, Mr. Rob’s mum, Jan Whalen, flew in to Diomede. She helped out in and about the school and went for many adventures after the bell rang. While she was visiting she taught sign language, art, and even helped design some special interventions for our students. She was also able to taste and cook several local plants, including sour greens and Eskimo potatoes. Thanks for coming all this way, Mum. What an adventure!

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Ocean Clean-Up Day

By Mr. Rob | September 21, 2014

oceandaySaturday, September 20th was Ocean Clean-Up Day. All week we’ve been talking to students about food chains and food webs in preparation. Opik coordinated an ocean clean-up along our coast and around the school while teaching students about how waste can effect wildlife (the very wildlife we depend upon for survival). After clean up, we all warmed up with some hot dogs and chips in the school cafeteria. Later Ms. Pam showed a video on garbage and how to reduce waste. When the credits rolled Opik hosted games and a drawing contest in the gym. Ms. Robin provided a special post-treat of banjo music and singing. What an event! Many thanks to Opik for coordinating Ocean Clean-Up Day.

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Avast, At Last!

By Mr. Rob | September 20, 2014

As many of ye scallywags already remember,
International Speak Like A Pirate Day be on the 19th of September.
Don’t believe me? Well shiver me spine!
Just do a quick Google search online.
Me hearties have been gearing up all week,
for on Friday it’ll be treasure we seek!
But until then we’ll read our pirate books
(turning pages be tough with metal hooks).
Our crass behavior in the bud we’ll nip
as each and all build their own pirate ship.
Donning eye patches, masks, and scowling faces,
we’re off on our peg legs to the pirate races!

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Hello World!

By Mr. Rob | September 14, 2014

cruiseIf you can’t go out and see the world, have the world come to see you! On Saturday, September 13, 2014, Diomede was visited by a massive French cruise ship! More than 150 tourists from around the planet crowded onto our beaches for tours of the village and Eskimo dancing up at the school. We sold some Diomede School merchandise to raise funds to buy new sweaters, coats and shirts!

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One Sock, Two Sock, Red Sock, Blue Sock…

By Mr. Rob | September 10, 2014

socksAs the summer turns to fall, our temperatures are dropping. Luckily, Deborah from Piksik donated a boat-load of socks to our school! Each student received multiple pairs of fresh new warm socks for the upcoming winter. Thank you Deborah, and thank you Piksik!

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You Brush Your Teeth!

By Mr. Rob | September 9, 2014

dentalMr. Rob’s class demonstrates the importance of good dental care. Every morning they brush their teeth and floss, thanks to a generous donation of toothbrushes, toothpaste, and flossers from Horacek Dental (Mr. Rob’s dentist in Portland, OR). Come winter we’ll have smiles as white as snow!

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